anyone built a HandlerSocket plugin?


The HandlerSocket plugin for MySQL 5.1 looks like it could be a great
fit for RoR applications, to dramatically speed up simple calls like

Does anyone know of a project to try integrating it with ActiveRecord
as a plugin? (I checked github and rubyforge but didn't find
anything.) If not, I'm thinking of starting one and putting it up on


I was thinking of this too - actually a hybrid plugin that used
HandlerSocket when it could, and regular MySQL adapter when it
couldn't. I was starting on a generic Ruby driver for HandlerSocket
first. There's a ruby native driver that interfaces with the that's built when HS is built, but I use JRuby more
than MRI, so I would need something that was socket level at the Ruby

Ping me offlist if you're interested in collaborating. I think HS is
an awesome idea, and my simple benchmarks show it's as fast as
Memcached locally.


An update for those who land here by google search. I started a
GitHub project for this: