Anybody get RSpec working with Netbeans?


Has anyone got RSpec working with NetBeans? I am running Leopard and
I don't manage my gems with Netbeans. Do I have to manage the gems
inside NetBeans in order to get it working?


P.S. Sorry if this is a bit OT.

(Probably better to ask this on the netbeans ruby mailing list -

Sure, I use it every day (on Linux, and occasionally on Windows, not
on a Mac). Anything in particular not working for you? The only real
problem I've had is there seem to be some issues with using the 'run
focused test' with rspec (I submitted a bug, but it's not always a
problem, I need to find a repro case). I don't remember when the
rspec stuff went in - it may be that you need to use a more recent
NetBeans than what you've got. I'm using a daily build from

No need to use the builtin gem management stuff in NetBeans if you
don't want to (and I never do).

Yes, running rspec with netbeans. Like James, I'm on win and linux,

I’m using RSpec with NetBeans on a Leopard Mac. It’s been working fine for me.

I suspect you might be still using the JRuby that ships with the NetBeans application. Check the properties of your Ruby app. You can switch to a native Ruby installation instead (where you probably have the RSpec installed).


Hi Jeremy,

Yup. I am using the default jRuby. I switched paths to the Mac OS X
install of Ruby, but now I'm having some problems using gems. It
tells me that the Gems_Home directory is not writable as this user.
Any thoughts?



Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Are you using “sudo” to install the gems? I install them from a terminal with “sudo”:

sudo gem install ZenTest