any use of flash causing "stack level too deep"

Is there any way to clear what's in there?

This happens any time flash[] is in my code. It can be setting or
reading a value.

I've tried commenting out all uses of flash in my code to get a few
different pages to load, thinking this would clear the values, but no

If I get into the debugger, a p flash or pp flash will give a 'Stack
level too deep' error the first time, then
'{nil=>:monthly, :test=>"!!!"}'

Everything worked OK until I tried to use flash messages to pass info
to a controller routine.. Bad Idea...

Please Help

Bob <>

Well, the "flash hash" generally... works. Controller action code and
the stack trace please. But from what you describe, sounds like some
gem or plugin is mucking with things.

Also, is a *fantastic* tool to search the Rails
documentation. Just search for flash and you'll find that method.

You haven't defined a flash method that calls flash have you?

Finally got tired of playing with this.. A new project with the app,
config, db, and public/stylesheets directories works fine..
Even rake tmp:clear wouldn't get rid of those values.. Oh, well.. gone
now :>