any_login gem to help with development

Please check my gem
It can really make your life easier with changing logged in user.
Your feedback is appreciated.
Thank you!

Hello Ruby/Rails DEVs
Please check the latest version of any_login gem -
- added an additional level of security with HTTP_BASIC auth
- better documentation
- added support for grouped_collection methods
It's really cool way to manage users. Vey easy to use and very easy to
tune. If you want to add some additional feature please let me know.

Hello Guys,

For many people asked to add an additional gems to support I've added
support for Authlogic gem. Again, configuration is very simple and gems
making your life easier.

Give it a try

For others who want me to add other gems please be patient, soon I'll
add more.


Igor Kasyanchuk wrote in post #1178919:

Updated version of is

Added support for Clearance gem. Now you can quickly login as any user.

Devise and Authlogic gems already supported.
Give it a try :slight_smile: don't forget to put a < star > :slight_smile:

Did you realise that you are posting all your messages twice?

Hello guys and girls
Want to inform that gem any_login now supports Sorcery gem -

I’d made an important update to gem

Now you can:

turn on/off using initializer
use white/black list of tables
added ability to expand/collapse view
added HTTP_BASIC auth for gem (so you can use it on production)

Please try and share :slight_smile:

Hello Friends,

Again new updates are available

0.6 - October 28, 2015

  - better results if no results
  - add truncate table
  - add information about indexes
  - fixed issue with helpers (thanks @losadaem)
  - added delete for records (by PK)
  - added information about primary key

0.5.1 - October 27, 2015

  - removed log files and other garbage to reduce size of gem

0.5 - October 26, 2015

  - added config.verify_access_proc to make possible enable access for
users (for example current_user.admin?)
  - small tweaks to rails_db_data_table and rails_db_data_sql
  - other minor fixes
  - working on documentation

Major update for RailsDB. Now you can use RailsDB as standalone app
without adding to Gemfile.

0.7 - November 1, 2015

  - added standalone app 'railsdb'
  - added util app 'runsql'
  - scroll page to Table Data if we have many tables and user click in
sidebar on it
  - disable logs for standalone apps