Announcing 55fleets a new way to deploy and manage your docker based infrastructure

Hi everyone,

55fleets is a new way to deploy your docker based applications (it works great for Rails and other ruby based projects). We aim to make it super easy to deploy and manage your infrastructure without devops skills. Giving you all the power of AWS with the simplicity of Heroku.

We use docker-compose to build your application. Each application can have multiple docker-compose files. Each docker-compose file is used to build a “pod”. Each pod is deployed to 1 or more AWS instances. Once built it is simple to scale your pods to many instances using our web interface.

We also can take advantage of spot instances on Amazon to save money and get more performance for your tasks (your instance can be on-demand or spot).

Each app is in a VPC and behind a Elastic Load Balancer. SSL is very easy - use a web form to upload your cert and we’ll terminate SSL at the load balancer.

We monitor every instance and if one goes down we launch a replacement.

Users can ssh into their machines to debug.

We are launching 55fleets and are looking for beta users who can help us get it ready for prime time.

A video of the UI showing a build and deployment

If you would like to try it out, get in contact