Amazon S3 as Database Backend?

Examples I have seen of S3 involve storing files. I wonder if S3 can
be used as a database backend. Or I wonder if there is a hosted
service offering database storage and services in simple pay-as-you-go-
and-use terms.

Well Amazon proposes also SimpleDB, it's quite recent.

There are some projects for Ruby client in Rubyforge, but nothing
released yet, as it seems.

  -- Jean-François.

As far as I know it isn't a relational database, so I'm not sure if it
would be too useful for rails applications.


Jean-François Trân escribió:

I will check SimpleDB and I will check the projects at Rubyforge. And,
yes, a backend with file as the basic unit of data storage (like an OS
file system) has limited use if your requirement is for an RDB. Thanks
for the reply.