Allowing XML-RPC class.methodName (not MethodName)?

I'm trying to replace a legacy XML-RPC server with a Rails app, and all
is going really well, with one exception. I can't find a way to allow
javaCaseMethods for XML-RPC calls. It seems Rails wants
CapsCaseMethods, ie:

   auth.HasPermission # works
   auth.hasPermission # nope
   auth.has_permission # nope

Is it possible to get the second two working? Snippets of my AuthAPI:

   class RpcController < ApplicationController
      wsdl_service_name 'RPC'
      web_service_dispatching_mode :layered

     # Send auth.* to AuthService
     web_service :auth,

   class AuthAPI < ActionWebService::API::Base
      api_method :has_permission,
                          :expects => [:string, :string, :string,
                          :returns => [:bool]

   class AuthService < ActionWebService::Base
      def has_permission(user_id, auth_object_key, permission_realm,
      auth_object_id = AuthObject.convert_key_to_id(auth_object_key)
      User.has_permission?(user_id, auth_object_id, permission_realm,


Found the answer here:

Apparently need to use "inflect_names false", and then manually declare
methods with properMixedCase.