Ajaxy cross-tab form


I'm trying to create an ajaxy form full of intersect values in which
each intersect-field can be edited (in place style) and submitted
on change.

I have 3 models
:people (name)
:wants (name)
:people_wants (person_id, want_id, importance) #importance of this
want for this person, if at all.

I want to spit out a grid effectively with people along the top and
wants down the side, and in the intersect spots have an in-place-edit
field for the "importance" value (if there is one, otherwise it will
be created when an importance value is entered).

Any suggestions as to how to structure the form so each intersect
field is aware of its person_id and it's want_id and this is passed
back on the XHR for updating?



Add something to each cell as you generate it which corresponds to the
column and row the cell is in.

If you want to do it the html5 way, you can add data-attributes as you
generate the table - which semantically would be the best bet.

If you don't want to go that way, add a class to each cell, one for
each column (you work out the row by just looking at the class of the
nearest parent tr), then get your cell to work out what classes it has
as they are updated.


Hi Mikel.

Thanks for that... the HTML5 way looks good, though for the initial
version may just go the class route :slight_smile: