AJax.InPlaceEditor - Controlling initial text selection

I want to use in-place editing, but do not want any text to be selected when the user invokes the in-place editor. I would like the cursor to be placed at the end of the text when the in-place editor appears instead of having all of the text automatically selected. Is this possible?

Thanks, Annette

I discovered that adding the following to application.js works:

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Manipulates the caret position in a 'textarea'. // It creates a selection if selStart and selEnd are not equal. // // To place the caret at the beginning of text: // "setSelRange(element, 0, 0);" //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// function setSelRange(inputEl, selStart, selEnd) {   if (inputEl.setSelectionRange)   {     inputEl.setSelectionRange(selStart, selEnd);   }   else if (inputEl.createTextRange)   {     var range = inputEl.createTextRange();     range.collapse(true);     range.moveEnd('character', selEnd);     range.moveStart('character', selStart);     range.select();   }

  inputEl.focus(); }

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Extend Ajax.InPlaceEditor so that it does not automatically select all // text when the im-place editor is invoked. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Object.extend(Ajax.InPlaceEditor.prototype, {     onLoadedExternalText: function(transport) {         Element.removeClassName(this.form, this.options.loadingClassName);         this.editField.disabled = false;         this.editField.value = transport.responseText;

        setSelRange(this.editField, this.editField.value.length, this.editField.value.length);     } });