Agile Web Deveopment+rails 2.0.2

I have asked several questions about drag and drop, ajax and shopping
cart here in this forum. I bought a copy of Agile Web Development with
Rails (2nd Edition) and thought my nightmare would have been over.

From Chapter 5 to Chapter 13, it covers the design of a shopping cart.
However it was built on rails 1.2. The Pandora box had just been opened.
I found and followed Sean Lynch's blogs “Rails 2.0 and Scaffolding Step
by Step”at

Everything seems fine. I am now stuck when I wanted to get a prettier
listing i.e. para.6.4 of the book and towards the end of Lynch's blog.
There is an error in my work.

10: <img class="list-one-sheet" src="<%= product.image_url%>"/>
Lynch has asked us to insert some paragraphs into the scaffold.css file.
I did that.
#product-list .list-one-sheet {
width: 60px;
height: 70px;
Could anyone tell me what went wrong?

No, could you tell *us* what went wrong? :slight_smile:

Really, what's your error? You only told us that you are now stuck,
not how.