Agile web developement - Depot App first application

hi there,
just wondering - i´m building my first app as described in "agile web
development" chapter 6 (depot) and followed the instructions to the
letter - i saw that the database my set up creates by default is not
mysql but sqlite - so i changed it and overwrote it with mysql and so
far all looks fine - does anyone have a similar experience and whether
i causes some problmes down the line? i´m just downloaded the latest
instant rails a a week ago - so some feature maybe changed since the
book was written - i´m reffering to the SECOND editon of the book.

thanks and regards,

Things have changed significantly since ADWROR 2nd Ed. was released. You did the right thing changing to MySQL. That will get your database connectivity working. You will find that scaffolding and pagination don't work as advertised, as they have been extracted from Rails core. I've written a post in my blog about the issues you will encounter moving to Rails 2.0. See if it answers your questions:

(shameless plug, but it saves typing it all again)