[advice] Viewing projects in portfolio

I want to create a portfolio viewer in which the user will click on an
image and then
a light-box or modal will open showing the projects in a carousel like
this: http://i.imgur.com/URO7pFI.png

(you can zoom to see the three (3) Areas).
The AREA A will be showing the project's image, the AREA B is wrongly
there. It wont be used and the AREA C will be a footer showing the
current project's/image's details.

I tried to implement this but I ended up with two issues.

First: the modal/light-box will not resize according to the image's size
and second: the details shown on the footer of light-box/modal is always
the same (static and not dynamic). This is what i've done:
http://i.imgur.com/DoiGmzd.png . I think that I can somehow use ajax and
javascript in order to make the footer dynamically showing each projects

However, is there any implementation that can do auto-resizing and
dynamic footer according to the image viewed? Or is this something I
have to figure out and implement by myself? I searched and found on the
net several jquery sliders. From what I found, none of them had a
solution to a dynamic footer and just one had auto-height resizing for
an in-page slider (not light-box or modal)

Any clues?