Advice on Encryption ....


I'm looking for a way to do one-way encryptoin on my server.

But also to be able to decrypt data on an external machine.

For security reasons I would never decrypt on the main server or have
the decryption key or method on there.

Is this type of thing possible?

I'd rather a high level of encryption (in terms of not being
crackable)... but also concerned about the amount of processing
power..... since it would be nice to use this for common tasks like
hashing passwords, etc.

Any advice for the clueless?


Well I just found this:

I'm worried about speed

Would using this for password encyption be overkill and weigh down my

Everytime someone attempts to log into the system this would be


I wouldn't worry excessively about speed. Encrypting a few bytes is unlikely to be the bottleneck on a machine where the entire data flow could be encrypted (if you're using ssl).


Good point, Fred. Thanks