Advanced Rails training class with Wolfram Arnold in SF, Jan 25th

Hi All,

We have our Advanced Rails training class with Wolfram Arnold coming up in January with additional dates in March and June.

Wolfram is one of the top Rails experts in the US and frequently presents at Ruby and Rails conferences across the country. You can see some interesting videos of Wolfram speaking on Ruby and Rails on the link below.

For more info on Wolfram and this class:

Feel Free to email me about coupons and group discounts: Rooz (at) DJRooz (dot) com

COURSE SUMMARY: The Advanced Rails training course provides you with skills and knowledge to leverage powerful advanced features of Rails and take your applications to the next level.

Upon completion, you will be able to improve the architecture of your applications and do more with less code. You will understand how to use tests to drive the design of your applications in an Agile fashion, and make it secure. And you will be able to tune your applications for high-traffic scalability.

MORE INFO ON WOLFRAM ARNOLD: Wolfram Arnold, Ph.D. is a seasoned software professional with 17 years of experience and has been working on consumer web applications in Ruby-on-Rails since 2006. He has co-founded RubyFocus, a Ruby-on- Rails consulting and recruiting firm where he engages in his passion of championing viable, and long-term sustainable software development practices for his clients, including TDD/BDD (test-driven development), Rails best practices & conventions, performance profiling and scalability optimization.

Wolf learned the ropes on Rails while working on a project at Pivotal Labs in the winter of 2006/07 and has been an active member of the Rails community ever since. Prior to discovering Rails, Wolf was working in C++ on commercial server applications in Silicon Valley and, before that, on high-performance numerical simulations in solid state physics at Los Alamos National Lab and the University of Oregon. He holds a Ph.D. in physics and used to teach undergraduate physics classes as a graduate student.

Best, Rooz