advance search using pg_search gem passing three, two, one o nome parameters.

Hello I trying this search

pg_search_scope :advance_search, against: [:title, :place, :category], using: { tsearch: { dictionary: “spanish”} }

def self.searchadv(title, place, category)
advance_search(:title => title, :place => place, :category => category)

I could not make this work, I always get cero records, but I have records with the parameters I’m passing. By the way no all the parameter need to be present in the passing, for example I can search just using the title, o title and place or place or category or all together.

Thanks for your help, I really need it.

Hi Jean, sorry for the late reply.

When you create a search method using pg_search_scope, it takes only one parameter, a string query.

So for your example, you should not pass a Hash into your advance_search method.

Instead, imagine a user wants to find things with the title “Moby Dick” in the place “Paris” with the category “Novel”. They could type into a search box the single string “moby dick paris novel” and you could call advance_search this way:

advance_search(“moby dick paris novel”)


advance_search(params[:query]) # this assumes you are in a Rails controller and you have a form that submits a param named “query”

If you are trying to search separately by different fields, then pg_search is not the correct solution. You could try something like this:

def self.searchadv(title, place, category)

where(:title => title, :place => place, :category => category)


But that will only find exact matches. Doing something more advanced than this is an exercise for the reader.