[ADV] New book: The Accessible Web

Gentle Web Development Folk:

Just in time for RailsConf, I'm happy to announce Jeremy Sydik's book, "The Accessible Web", is now available in beta. This is particularly sweet as Jeremy and I first discussed this book in the hallways of last year's conference.

This book is all about making your website accessible web sites--sites that can easily be used by folks who may have perceptual or cognitive difficulties. This isn't just a question of being a good citizen, or of meeting the increasing demands of legislation. It's also about effectively communicating with a very large segment of your user base.

Accessibility is often presented as being complex and confusing. Guidelines are published as edicts, carved in stone tablets that must be followed without question. That's not very pragmatic.

Because you are a real developer with a real projects to ship, you need to learn how to make content accessible, using accessibility guidelines as just that—guidelines.

With this book, you'll learn basic principles and techniques for developing accessible HTML, audio, video, and multimedia content. In addition, you will understand how to apply the principles you learn in this book to new technologies when they emerge.

It's out now in beta from http://www.pragmaticprogrammer.com/titles/jsaccess/

If you're heading to RailsConf, Jeremy will be there.



I for one am so excited to see this book out there. Accessibility is a huge issue for me and is often misunderstood. I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time.

Congratulations to Jeremy!