[ADV] New Agile Web Development with Rails Beta


I've uploaded the B1.14 version of AWDwR.

The only major change here is a revamp of the Action Mailer chapter, and the
removal of the Web Services chapter.

I'm still in two minds about the latter: it's a great chapter, but the core team
seem to be deemphasizing Action Web Service, and the book is already longer than
I'd like. My plan is to put the existing Web Services chapter up for free at
some point so you can still get to the content.

Again, I need to stress that the book is written on the assumption that the reader has
Rails 1.2 installed. As that doesn't yet exist, you HAVE TO HAVE EDGE RAILS
for some of this stuff to work. Some folks like the following description
of working with Edge:


As usual, the update is available for free from


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I recommend using your order number and your email address, as these tend
to be be the most consistent.

Thanks for your support for this project. Keep the comments
coming in.


Dave Thomas

Thanx for the update Dave.

This has to be one of the most useful books I’ve ever bought. I
think it’s so much more useful because of these updates. I can
use the book early and get up to date information when I need it.

My Rails experience wouln’t have been very nice if I’d had to wait until the book was completely finished and released.

Keep up the good work.

Wow! Thank you for that. That’s the intent behind the beta books: get stuff out there, and adapt it as people make comments. It’s really nice to hear that it’s working for you.



I will double Daniel's words - same was with me.

I started to work with RoR just four months ago and got that level where
I am now just because of your book
plus because of reading of the RoR source code itself.

All the Best!

Dave Thomas wrote:

Yes, let me chime in here too!

For me, your book has become the calm
in the eye of the Rails storm.

(I also want to add my kudos for Pramatic
Programmers - From Journeyman to Master), and the whole Pragmatic Bookshelf.
I don’t know who first came up with the idea of Beta Books, but the Bookself
is an example of art meeting life.

Best regards,

Dave Dumaresq