[ADV] Advanced Rails Recipes Now in Beta

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the commercial. Now that the much-anticipated Rails 2.0 is out, I'm pleased to announce that Advanced Rails Recipes is now available in beta form:

This has been an especially fun project because the book is a collection of recipes from folks around the Rails community. We're filling this volume the same way my family filled our recipe box in our kitchen. Advanced Rails Recipes includes tasty recipes from many great chefs. These are people you trust who have created applications you may have sampled. This book is an informal survey of what some of the best developers in the Rails community think is advanced and important.

The current beta has 42 recipes, and there are another 30 or so on the way. All the recipes were baked with Rails 2.0 and Capistrano 2.1.0.

Thanks to all of you who contributed recipes, and thanks for enjoying our dishes!