Add support for multiple preview_path

Hi guys.

I’d like to add support for multiple preview_path of ActionMailer. (It could configure only one directory path now.)

Because I think I’d like to configure it in Spree’s Rails Engine. (Spree’s repository

For example.

initializer "spree.core.mailers_previews" do |app|

app.config.action_mailer.preview_path << File.join(root, "test", "mailers", "previews") # =>  spree/core/test/mailers/previews


Rails’s patch is this.

What do you think about this ?

I think I’d like to create PR when patch is no problem.

Thanks !

Cool to have i think.

ship it!

Thanks PapePathe and Abdelkader Boudih.

I created PR(

I hope to merge it…

2014年9月8日月曜日 2時41分03秒 UTC+9 Saito Masahiro: