acts_as_taggable uses mysql innoDB tables - does innoDB flush on write on Mac OS X?

I'm using the acts_as_taggable plug-in (actually, the one on steroids -
It seems to work OK in the tests I've written, but when I query the DB
to see how the tags are stored, I see that the tables tags & taggable
are empty. Yet, the query from w/in the tests seem to return correct

Is there a caching issue using mysql (v 5.0.26) on Mac OSX? If so, how
can I flush the cache? The mysql doc seems to indicate that it uses a
special fctl method to flush automatically. All my other tables are
myisam and work as expected.

Thanks for any help.

OK - figured out what was going on. I was working in tests, and the
plugin had set transactional fixtures to true, so the setup was
starting a transaction and the teardown was rolling it back. No
problem w/ the code - it wasn't a bug but a feature...