Acts As Enterprisey


We all know Consultancy Law No. 1:

   "Your Rates Are Proportional To Your App's Enterpriseyness"

In a spirit of Christmas giving, I give you my new plugin acts_as_enterprisey.

You can find out how to make your app (more?) enterprisey here:

Or you can just get the plugin here:

You know you want to.

Regards, Andy Stewart

Very nice, though I would have a hard time ethically using this plugin…



Good one. I was just waiting for something like "ROI increased twofold" to show up in your explanation, though. Can you make it so that AJAX popups come up randomly with messages like that? That should surely boost morale! :wink:


Everything about that is awesome. However, I’d like to see ActionController modified slightly to randomly provide a 500 error with a stack trace for “nil pointer exception” :slight_smile: