acts_as_comparable 1.2 released

acts_as_comparable 1.2 has been released. It includes a bug fix for
passing in custom options to the declarative acts_as_comparable call.

What is acts_as_comparable?
   acts_as_comparable is plugin for ActiveRecord which allows you to
easily compare and determine the differences between two ActiveRecord

For more information see:

To install as a plugin:
  script/plugin install

To install as a gem:
  gem install -r acts_as_comparable



The reason it was originally created was for an audit log. Before
saving the model, it was compared to the model that is stored in the
database, and then the differences are logged.


The plugin itself was not meant to store the differences in a log, the plugin was the mean to offer the developer the ability to compare 2 ActiveRecord objects. Anything could be done with that comparison, like store a log of changes.