acts_as_clusterable plugin allows easy clustering of records

I am pleased to announce the availability of the plugin acts_as_clusterable
which is available at the following link.

This plugin uses the Ruby clusterer gem and makes it easy to cluster
active_record models. After installing the plugin add

acts_as_clusterable :fields => ['title','text']

to the models. If no fields are given then it will use all text and string
fields present in the model.

Now, doing clustering is as easy as:


More information can be found at

Happy hacking,

Can someone explain in simple terms what clustering is and why a person
might use this?

"A computer cluster is a group of loosely coupled computers that work
together closely so that in many respects they can be viewed as though
they are a single computer. Clusters are commonly, but not always,
connected through fast local area networks. Clusters are usually
deployed to improve speed and/or reliability over that provided by a
single computer, while typically being much more cost-effective than
single computers of comparable speed or reliability."

So basically in web serving terms. You use clusters of multiple
computers acting to serve sites as one server. The reason of course is
that sometimes one server isn't enough to handle the traffic.

Ohhh. Sorry. I didn't see the original post so I misunderstood the
question. For some reason the original message you were replying to
wasn't in the same thread. Happens a lot in this new googlegroups. I
just saw your message and replied out of context.

cluster analysis refers to a number of statistical techniques for exploratory data analysis. given n (large) objects, you can group them into m (m << n) groups of "similar" objects so you can perform statistical studies of the groups.


Bill <> writes:

Can someone explain in simple terms what clustering is and why a person
might use this?

This plugin helps in clustering as explained in this wikipedia article:

it only works for text data.
A scenario where it can help is say, your website collects news from different
sources, then you can cluster the news and present the cluster to users, the
user can then decide which cluster he is interested in.

Also, it can help in organizing search results, forming hierarchies, etc.