ActiveWebService returning custom types

class Sampleclass attr_reader :temp_arr,:temp_hash,:temp_str   def initialize(temp_arr,temp_hash,temp_str)     @temp_arr=temp_arr     @temp_hash=temp_hash     @temp_str=temp_str   end

class TestApi < ActionWebService::API::Base    api_method :get_me, :returns => [Sampleclass] end

class TestController < ApplicationController   wsdl_service_name 'Test'   web_service_api TestApi   web_service_scaffold :invocation if Rails.env == 'development'

  def get_me     #[get_indices(),get_stocks(),get_summary(),]     indices = get_indices()     stocks = get_stocks()     summary = get_summary()     current_time =     tempsnapshot =,stocks,summary,current_time)     tempsnapshot     [['1','2',3'],                      {'a' => '1',                       'b' => '2' },                      'something' ) ]   end end

i got this error Don't know how to cast Sampleclass to Sampleclass

how do i define custom classes as return paramters

disregard this section      #[get_indices(),get_stocks(),get_summary(),]      indices = get_indices()      stocks = get_stocks()      summary = get_summary()      current_time =      tempsnapshot =,stocks,summary,current_time)      tempsnapshot

nevermind the above posts i wasnt paying attention

i created a model Sample

changed code to

class TestApi < ActionWebService::API::Base    api_method :get_me, :returns => [Sample] end

class MarketdataController < ApplicationController    ...   def poll     Sample.find(:all,:limit =>1)   end

here i get all sorts of mapping errors

#1 returns => [Sample] #it should expect a Sample object

i return a Sample.find(:all,:limit=>1)[0] and i get a "Cannot map Sample to SOAP/OM"

i return a Sample.find(:all,:limit=>1) #which would return an array containing Sample objects , it errors out and says "Don't know how to cast Array to Sample" thats expected

then i tried this #2 returns => [[Sample]] #it should expect an array of sample objects ? i return a sample.find(:all,:limit=>1) and i get a "Cannot map Array to SOAP/OM"

Any ideas on how to get it to cast properly ?