ActiveWarehouse 0.1.0 Released along With Tutorial

ActiveWarehouse 0.1.0 is now available for use. I have posted a
tutorial at
which demonstrates how to extract data from the Rails Subversion logs
and turn it into a simple drill down report. The ActiveWarehouse web
site is

ActiveWarehouse is a plugin for Rails which provides classes which
simplify building dimensional data warehouses. It provides classes for
modelling facts, dimensions and cubes. ActiveWarehouse will
automatically build and populate persistent aggregate tables so that
you don't have to. It also provides a report class for persistent
report configurations.

ActiveWarehouse also includes an ETL component, currently at version
0.3.0, which can be used to load data into the warehouse. The ETL
component provides fixed-width, delimited and XML parsing, file and
data inputs and outputs and support for bulk loading of data
(currently only MySQL).

The article covers the entire process including constructing and
populating the data warehouse and rendering a report.

Comments and questions should be directed to the ActiveWarehouse
Discuss mailing list or
directly to me if you don't feel like joining the mailing list.

Anthony Eden