ActiveStorage Net::OpenTimeout

Crossposting this ruby on rails - Heroku active storage S3 Seahorse::Client::NetworkingError (Net::OpenTimeout) - Stack Overflow here to hopefully get some feedback.

Using Heroku and Rails 7.0.0.rc1. Configured the Bucketeer addon for both staging and production. On staging it works fine, on production I get Net::OpenTimeout when I try to upload something.

If I add the credentials locally I can use them fine and upload photos perfectly. I don’t think it is a rails problem but rather a Heroku problem. I don’t understand why the SeaHorse Client can’t connect on production.

The only difference between staging and production is the URL’s for the domain itself. How do I get to the bottom of this?

Seems there was a config/storage/production.yml that was causing problems. I wasn’t even aware of this convention :blush:

Anyway, removing the file makes all the problems go away!