ActiveScaffold Export file - Send as Email

I am using Rails 1.2.3 and Active scaffold 1.1.1
My requirement is to send the export of users data weekly to the admin
as email via cron.

How can i automate the process of exporting csv and storing it at a
place? So that i can pick it from there and attach to the email before

Your problem is only partly related to Rails, but here is are some
topics that you need to research:

1. How to run Cron jobs in your Linux distribution:
* Have a look at "man crontab", "crontab -e", crontab -l"

2. You need to either call a rake task from your cron job, or, you
write a simple shell script.
Maybe a good start would be looking at the following projects:✓&q=export

* I also wrote a small import/export tool for a Rails application:
Maybe it's helpful, note that you can load your rails environment for
any script by using:

require './config/environment'

Thanks for the reply Patrick.

But my main concern is to store the activescaffold export in the file
system. So that i can send it as attachment.
I am familiar with cron process.



I know how to upload file in particular folder and then import that file from that folder in active scaffold.Is this functionality is helpful for you?


Vishal Singh

No, Vishal this will not help.
vishal singh wrote in post #1069417:

how much experience do your have priya in Ror