ActiveResources 0.1.0 Released

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Reading through the rails blogosphere last week, I read a post (which I can not find again) that suggested a completely different approach to AJAX use in rails apps. The idea was to create a Javascript proxy to the ActiveRecord models and allow AR operations to be called from the client.

I see this functionality broken into 3 major components:   * Route generator which creates RESTful resources and nested resources based on a given AR model   * Abstract controller providing basic CRUD and Finder functionality   * Javascript proxy library interfacing to the controller API

Today's release of ActiveResources, version 0.1.0, provides the first bit of functionality (route generator). The plugin has 100% test coverage and passes heckling with no mutations remaining. It is in the very early stages, but I want to start gathering feedback on the interface and functionality so that this plugin may eventually be as useful as possible.

Tony Payne Lone Star Software Engineering Services

Would it maybe be better to come up with a different name to avoid confusion with ActiveResource [1]?



Thanks for letting me know about that. I should have done more research before settling on a name. However, that project and this one definitely share some common goals. Perhaps one day, it'll all blend together. For now, let me think about what can be done...


Actually they're completely different, ActiveResource is for consuming the very restful resources you're exposing.

I saw that you have also released mock active record. What is the need for mocking ActiveRecord objects?

I use that for my test suite in active_record. I don't want to actually create a DB in order to test that the routes are generated correctly.

Hi Rick,

My future plans for this plugin include an abstract controller and a javascript proxy library for consuming the services. A ruby proxy library would be a great thing to have as well.