ActiveResource - pointing to my own app hangs

I have an application that knows how to both serve and consume RESTful
resources using rails conventions for serving, and ActiveResource for

When I run two instances of the application and hit the page to display
resources on the other running application, that works fine.

When I change the code to point to the same running application on the
same port for both client & server, that hangs and does not return.

The application design will stay much simpler and cleaner if the local
server is treated exactly the same as remote servers in this one piece
of the code.

It seems plausible to me that this is because I'm running the
application on a single Mongrel instance and I'm hanging because the
same thread that is waiting for a response would have to provide that
response, thus blocking itself.

Does that make sense?

Has anyone else seen this same behavior or have useful insights?


Yep, it's that Rails is only able to process one request per server. Since it is Mongrel, I guess you'd call it ZedLock :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve!