ActiveResource noob

Hey all, I've just installed ActiveResource. Those are my two models:

class Profile < ActiveRecord::Base   has_many :emails end class Email < ActiveRecord::Base   belongs_to :profile end

My routes.rb file:

  map.resources :emails map.resources :profiles do |p|     p.resources :emails end

those are my client site models:

class Profile < ActiveResource::Base = "" end

class Email < ActiveResource::Base = "" end

From script/console, I can create profiles and emails fine. But when I try to do something like: p=Profile.find 1 p.emails

it returns an error that emails function doesn't exist but I think this is normal RESTful behaviour right? What's the RESTful way to do it?

I also tried something like:

Email.find :all, :profile_id=>2

but it returns all the profiles any way.

How can I do custom find queries the restful way?

thanx in advance