ActiveRecord will not change port


I'm trying to connect to a remote mysql server using a ssh tunnel and

I know the ssh tunnel is working because I can connect via the cmd
line client.
I've set the ssh tunnel up like this: ssh -L 3307:

So, I thought I could just change the port on my active record
connection, but it still connects to my local mysql server.

class MyClass < ActiveRecord::Base
    :adapter => 'mysql',
    :user => 'root',
    :database => 'hrsuite_production',
    :server => "",
    :port => 3307)

I've also tried :server => '' but that did not work
either. I also tried :socket => nil, but no luck.

I'm running active record 2.3.4

Any suggestions and thanks for taking a look,



Thanks a lot! That was it.

I don't know how many times I looked at the API yesterday, but there
it was. Thanks for catching it.

By chance, do you know what the difference is between using host and

Thanks again!