activerecord-sqlserver-adapter-2.2.19 bug: text col limits


Rails 2.1.0 AR SQL Server Adapter 2.2.19

I use the AR session store in my application. When I upgraded to the latest version of the SQL Server Adapter, my app. stopped working because supposedly my session data wouldn't fit into the "data" TEXT column in my sessions table.

This block of code from actionpack-2.1.0/lib/action_controller/session/active_record_store.rb was being executed:

def raise_on_session_data_overflow!   return false if !loaded?   limit = self.class.data_column_size_limit   if loaded? and limit and read_attribute(@@data_column_name).size > limit     raise ActionController::SessionOverflowError   end end

I verified that my session data was 122 bytes and self.class.data_column_size_limit was being reported as 16 (!).

I don't have time to look into what is going on here in more detail, but I suspect that text field sizes/limits are not being reported correctly by the current version of the adapter.

For now, I will rollback to the version of the adapter that I have that works.

Thanks, Wes