ActiveRecord relationship ID change

Hi guys,
I'm having a problem with a belongs_to relationship.
The thing is:
class Banner < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :campaign

I’m pretty sure you need to pass the ID along with the attributes, otherwise Rails creates a new instance:

campaign.update_attribute(:banner_attributes, {:id =>, :content => “Changed”})

instead of

campaign.update_attribute(:banner_attributes, {:content => “Changed”})

The other option would be to just update the banner directly:

campaign.banner.content = “Changed”

Yes, that's pretty much what's happening.
I, actually, was a moron, since I should have see the code in first place.
The update_attributes method in ActiveRecord::Base is stupidly simple
and it's really clear what it does:

2666 def update_attributes(attributes)
2667 with_transaction_returning_status(:update_attributes_inside_transaction,
2668 end
2670 def update_attributes_inside_transaction(attributes)
2671 self.attributes = attributes
2672 save
2673 end

Duh! Sorry guys. My bad.
Thanks anyway for your time, Tim.