ActiveRecord + Oracle stored procs


I have googled and googled and cannot find anything on this.

Basically I am using ActiveRecord outside of Rails as part of a test
suite. I need to call an Oracle stored procedure, and then use
standard Active Record finders to query the database.

Is there anyway I can call a stored procedure within Active Record? I
need to be able to pass the procedure parameters and receive
parameters out, something like

execute( my_stored_proc(i_input, o_output) );

At the moment I have implemented a solution using the module OCI8,
which works just fine, but it means I run my stored proc in DB
connection 1, and query in DB connection 2, so I have to commit 1
before 2 can see the results, which means I cannot rollback after each

Can you get access to the OCI8 methods from your Active Record
connection, or better can I get store proc calls with in and out
parameters working with standard Active Record functionality?

After another batch of googling, I have concluded you just cannot do
what I want out of the box, but its easily added. I documented what I
did at

Basically I had to add a new method to
ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::OracleAdapter that directly call the
OCI8#exec method and it seems to do what I want.