ActiveRecord count and pluck throw exception

Hi All,

Our team is facing very wired issue in ActiveRecord. After running application for certain time around 30 to 45 minutes same code which is Post.count throwing exception but not for all requests. We aren’t able to regenerate the issue in local machine. Any pointer to debug or resolve the issue will be very helpful.

Thanks in advance

This forum category (rubyonrails-core) is intended for discussion about development of the framework itself, not usage of it.

For support issues or usage questions that are not issues with Rails itself, please post to the rubyonrails-talk category or somewhere like StackOverflow using the ruby-on-rails tag. You can also drop in to the #rubyonrails channel on for realtime help. You’ll be more likely to get a quick answer using one of those options.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for letting me know

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