ActiveRecord clone method giving Argument Error


I am stuck in a little hole that I cannot seem to fix. No doubt it's
something stupid. Basically I am trying to clone a "block" and give it
a new title and save it again.

My controller code looks like this:

def copy

            @block = CustomBlock.find params[:id]
            @block_cp = @block.clone
            @block_cp.title = "Copy of #{@block.title}"

            render :update do |page|
                page.replace_html 'unused', :partial => 'unused'

        rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound

I get the error

wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) - pointing to line 107 which is
@block_cp = @block.clone, as shown below -

base.rb:1563:in `initialize'
base.rb:1563:in `new'
base.rb:1563:in `clone'
#{RAILS_ROOT}/app/controllers/block_admin_controller.rb:107:in `copy'
/usr/bin/mongrel_rails:16:in `load'

I am using Rails 1.2.3 anyone any ideas???

I solved this in the end. It turned out I had customised the
initialize method of CustomBlock. SoI added def initialize(args=nil,
&block) and all worked swimmingly