ActiveRecord array/collection manage

Hello, I have a model like this:

class Car < ActiveRecord::Base   def color(c)     where("color = ?",c)   end end

Suppose that I want to show the red and blue cars. I could do something like this: @cars = Car.color('blue') + Car.color('red')

The problem I'm finding is that now, @cars is an array and I could not do something like that:[:page]).per(10) @cars.order( ..... ) or any method ActiveRecord implements. The question is: ¿How can I manage ActiveRecord array/collection for do: + - | &?

Thanks very much.

Pagination obviously doesn't works on Array, but ActiveRecord::Relation set.

You have to rewrite your color selector using 'standard de facto' approach:

class Car < ActiveRecord::Base   scope :colored, lambda { |color| where(:color => color) } end

Then just call:

Car.colored(%w{red blue}).page ... etc

Should it be:

class Car < ActiveRecord::Base

def self.color(c)





Great Valery! I've solved it.