Active Resource and non default model names

I have a model (accessed restfully) named TranscoderQueue, it's name is overridden to 'TransocderQueue' so it is accessed as '/ transocder_queue' as opposed to '/transocder_qeueus'.

class TranscoderQueue < ActiveRecord::Base     belongs_to :campaign, :class_name => "Campaign", :foreign_key => "campaign_id"     set_table_name "transcoder_queue" # overriding rails conventions     validates_presence_of :campaign_id, :on => :create end

Now, when I try to use the active resource lib to interface my API, it defaults to the rails pluralized name, 'transcoder_queues' -- obviously this fails with 404. How can I set active resource to obey the overridden table name I set.


For posterity, the solution:

  class TranscoderQueue < Base       set_collection_name 'transcoder_queue'   end

Documented here: