Active Record 2.1.1- oci8 - Table Name Quoted

It seems there was a change between AR 2.1.0 and 2.1.1. The table
name is now being quoted in oci8, which causes the table not to be
found. A script that uses this code works with 2.1.0, but not 2.1.1.

In sqlplus quoting the table name causes the table name
("SCHEMA.table_name") not to be found, where the same query with non-
quoted table name works fine. Was there a change in 2.1.1 that stated
quoting table names with oci8?

If it helps I am prepending the schema name like this:
Table_Name.table_name_prefix = "SCHEMANAME."

Please let me know if this is not the proper forum for this

Scott Robertson

Without quoting, the identifier is case-insensitive. Use the correct
case for your table_name_prefix and the problem's solved.


Thanks for the quick response, you were right, that works.