Actionwebservice: order of parameters in SOAP message


I have a strange SOAP interopability issue with actionwebservice/rails2.0 (server) and Axis2 (client)

Should the order of parameters in a SOAP request matter? I.e is...

<soapenv:Body>     <ns1:someMethod xmlns:ns1=";&gt;     <myComplex>         <theA>Foo</theA>     </myComplex>     <aBoolean>false</aBoolean>     </ns1:Update> </soapenv:Body>

... as valid as:

<soapenv:Body>     <ns1:someMethod xmlns:ns1=";&gt;     <aBoolean>false</aBoolean>     <myComplex>         <theA>Foo</theA>     </myComplex>     </ns1:Update> </soapenv:Body>

(In the first request snippet, the complex object is sent before the boolean)

The API classfile contains:

api_method :someMethod, :expects => [ {:myComplex => MyComplex}, {:aBoolean => :boolean} ],                      :returns => [ ResponseMsg ]

And the generated WSDL:

<xsd:complexType name="MyComplex">     <xsd:all>       <xsd:element name="theA" type="xsd:string"/>     </xsd:all>   </xsd:complexType> ...   <message name="someMethod">     <part name="myComplex" type="typens:MyComplex"/>     <part name="aBoolean" type="xsd:boolean"/>   </message>

Minor typo above, the requests should of course be:

<soapenv:Body>     <ns1:someMethod xmlns:ns1=";&gt;     <myComplex>         <theA>Foo</theA>     </myComplex>     <aBoolean>false</aBoolean>     </ns1:someMethod> </soapenv:Body>


<soapenv:Body>     <ns1:someMethod xmlns:ns1=";&gt;     <aBoolean>false</aBoolean>     <myComplex>         <theA>Foo</theA>     </myComplex>     </ns1:someMethod> </soapenv:Body>