ActionWebService... how to return base64??

Hello friends...

I'm hoping MY thread has more responses than other AWS threads I've found in my searches.

Anyway, I'm returning a Track object, defined by this schema:

create_table "tracks", :force => true do |t|     t.string "name"     t.integer "user_id", :limit => 11     t.binary "track_data"     t.binary "warn_data"     t.boolean "published"     t.datetime "created_at"     t.datetime "updated_at"     t.integer "background_id", :limit => 11 end

It works great... except that AWS 2.1.0 (from datanoise - … ree/master) seems to be interpreting my binary data as STRING! It is being returned as <string>datadatadata</string>. This is a huge problem as it causes issues with the parser, as the binary data is not being encoded in base64 prior to being output (I think).

Anyway I would really appreciate some help. How can I force my binary columns to be output as base64?

Thanks folks!