Actions have no CSS?

Hi everyone,

I've started a new site from scratch. It's quite straightforward and nothing special. I have a simple controller with just a few actions. I have one style sheet and the majority of the site is held in application.rhtml. The controller is "site"

If I view the site (via webrick) at localhost:3000/site it looks great
if I view another action at localhost3000/site/test it renders with no CSS
if I view the site at localhost:3000/site/index it renders with no CSS

In the second case I thought I must have a bug in my code causing the CSS to not render. That is when I noticed that /site rendered ok but /site/index did not. Aren't they fundamentally equivalent? Why would they be handled differently and what could I have done to cause the CSS to not render?



/site should cause /site/index to render. look at the rendered html and see what css is included and referenced. i'm guessing you have relative paths to linked css files.


Sorry to waste listspace. It ended up being simple (of course). I
started with a third party template and I did not change the existing
stylesheet <link> to a stylesheet_link_tag and the existing path was
relative not absolute :frowning:

Gary Huntress wrote: