I would like to do something like this

class MailHandler < ActionMailer   def one   end

  def two   end end

class InfoHandler < MailHandler   def three   end end

class NewHandler < MailHandler   def three   end end

The problem is that with the single inheritance I can not access the ActionMailer methods. Any one have any idea how I can do this.

Thanks, Amos

module SnazzyMixin   def one   end

  def two   end end

class InfoHandler < AM   include SnazzyMixin

  def three   end end

class NewHandler < AM   include SnazzyMixin

  def three   end end


Does this allow the SnazzyMixin to have access to ActionMailer?

I guess I am a bit confused. If you have the following:

class A   def foo     "foo"   end   def snap     "snap"   end end

class B < A   def bar     "bar"   end   def snap     "crackle"   end end

a = b = # => "foo" # => "foo" # => "bar" a.snap # => "snap" b.snap # => "crackle"

I don't know what happened. I created a test to show, but when I ran it it worked. I guess when I get back home I will have to look at my code and see what I missed. This 26k connection I have at home sucks. I moved into the middle of the country last year so I only try to ask questions on my break at work.