ActionMailer failing to parse a signed email message

hey folks,

I have this email with a signed signature that is attached. running
email.body on this message returns an empty string, even though there
are multiple parts.

I'm going to try and explain this without pasting in a long email
msg. Why it is failing is fairly specific, I think. This email
message is a signed email from the Apple Mail application:
Mime-Version: 1.0 (Apple Message framework v924)

I narrowed it down to failing on the Content-Type row in the email
header. The following header fails:
   Content-Type: multipart/signed; boundary=Apple-Mail-34-825208017;
micalg=sha1; protocol="application/pkcs7-signature"
If I change it to this, it works
   Content-Type: multipart/signed; boundary=Apple-Mail-34-825208017;

the problem seems to be where the boundary attribute is defined. It
either has to be the last or the 2nd to last. So the above content-
type header parses correctly, but so does
   Content-Type: multipart/signed; micalg=sha1; protocol="application/
pkcs7-signature"; boundary=Apple-Mail-34-825208017

I wanted to ask a naive question, but isn't the original content type

If so, the error resides in TMail::TextUtils.quote_boundary, and this
line (ln 266 in rails 2.0.2)
   remainder =~ /^(.*)(;.*)$/m
should instead be
   remainder =~ /^([^;]*)(;.*)$/m

If this is a valid error, I'll open a ticket and provide a drop-in
Thanks folks!