Acquire parent attribute from child via belongs_to ?

Poking around books & blogs about association proxies, and experimenting, but I can't seem to come across the right combination for this one particular task.

I'm assuming there's a way to get the "user_type" attribute from within the UserFilter using the belongs_to association?

class PrivilegedUser < ActiveRecord::Base    has_many :user_filters    # has an attribute named user_type end

class UserFilter < ActiveRecord::Base

   belongs_to :privileged_user

   def self.whatever      x = self.privileged_user.user_type <------ ???    end


The example above gives me undefined method errors.

-- gw

That can't work - your whatever method is a class method, so self.privileged user is meaningless (since self is the class here). If whatever was an instance methood it should work as you've written it