Accessing Oracle Package in models

Hi All,

Just wanted to know if we can write models for the Oracle packages. Like, if I have an oracle package named "user_pkg", and a function function_1 in it, can I have a model under the name "UserPkg" and then access the function "function_1", in it.

If creating a model is not the right way, how to access those packages in the models?

Regards, Anand.

Hi,   Refering to the above example, I was able to create a model named user_pkg.rb (class UserPkg) and I am using a find_by_sql command to access the function "function_1". I am able to get the result, but the problem I am facing is that the rails tells that

"DESC user_pkg" failed; not a table or view.

Just wanted to know if I can tell rails that this model user_pkg.rb is not a table (Without using the BaseWithoutTable plugin)

Please help me in this issue.

Thanks in advance. Anand