AbstractController in edge docs

Looking at http://edgeapi.rubyonrails.org/, I don't see any docs for
AbstractController. Nothing appears for the layout method for
example. Am I missing something or does something need to be changed
in the docs to get them to appear?


I've added Abstract Controller to the rdoc task, and some of it is
already online. But for some reason AC::Layouts is not being
generated. I'll investigate it this weekend.

Thanks for the heads up.


It was fortunate that you were interested in
AbstractController::Layouts, investigating this has uncovered that the
following files were being excluded by RDoc:


In this set we distinguish two subsets, this one (1)


and the rest (2).

Reason for (1) is that RDoc skips files whose name match /erb\.rb$/.
Explanation for (2) is that RDoc skips files that have 4 or more
occurrences of <%|%> in their first 1024 bytes (???).

As a quick hack I've redefined RDoc::Parser.binary? in the very
Rakefile and regenerated the edge API, should be complete now. (I had
to tell Chrome to reload the frames, it's in the contextual menu.)

I'll write to Eric to find a clean way to address this.

-- fxn

PS: This patch does not fix the end-user doc:rails task by now, should
be OK in final when it is clear what can we do about it.

Nah, I messed up here, these ones are not skipped.

Great, thanks for checking it out and figuring out a solution!

As a side note, are you aware of the formatting issues for various sections?


Looks like newlines are being ignored.

This looks like a bug in horo, I will investigate it as well.


Looks good!

I took a look at the layout method (original issue) at
and the formatting seems a bit off (things don't line up correctly in
places) and some of the docs are missing it seems.

Is this due to the issues you mentioned before?


I think that's due to the markup itself. It uses labelled lists and
stuff that does not follow the style of rest of the API. Some items
are indented in a way that means to RDoc they are code blocks, but
they aren't...

Those docs need to have the guidelines applied and have an edit pass in general.

Gotcha. Thanks for checking things out.