about show list

i want to create database for individual user .
when user login and add sequences in to database .the web page show
list of sequences that user have in database. but when i try show the
list of of sequences
.it's show all list of sequence in database. such as the total
sequences that user A add are 3 items and the total sequences that
user B add are 5 items.
when user A login and want to see own data .the web page show 8
items.in fact it's show 3 items. how i fix this the problem.

class ComponentsController < ApplicationController

  before_filter :protect, :only => [:show, :edit]
  def index
    @title = "list of sequences"
    @items = Seq.find(:all)
def databases
    @title = "Database"
    if request.post?and params[:seq]
      @seq = Seq.new(params[:seq])
      if @seq.save
          flash[:notice] = "sequence submitted !"
        redirect_to :action => "show", :id => @seq.id

  def index
    @title = "list of sequences"
    @items = Seq.find(:all)

That method shouldn't be doing a wide-open find. You need to scope the
find somehow, and deal with the case where the current user isn't logged
in yet.

thank you for your suggestion .