About "Rails Recipes", Fowler, 2006

RichardOnRails wrote:

I'm following Chad's Recipe 31, "Authenticating your Users". After
getting some of it working, I noticed that he had put some of his
models and controllers under a separate Authentication directory under
the directory created originally with, say, a "rails MyApp" command.

In Recipe 31? I just refreshed my memory of it. The code is split
between the model, view and controller directories with the majority
of it being in the model. I didn't see any files located outside of
those directories and all of the directories in my copy of the book
are in the standard locations. So your statement confuses me.

Some other authentication schemes use code located in lib/somefile.rb
which I think may be what you are asking about. I wish you had said
exactly what file you were talking about because then a web search
would have helped me locate it. Those files in the lib directory are
loaded as additional library code.

Question: Am I likely to run into trouble if I ignore creation of an
Authentication dir. and issue a command like
ruby script/generate model User username:string password_salt:string
with my working directory set to "MyApp"?

No. That should be okay. Your command above creates a model and that
is just standard behavior. (I am sure you are going to have other
fields too. Personally I find having a last_login_at field useful
along with an enabled boolean.)