About Directory location of strategy pattern in rails

I am implementing strategy pattern in Rails where I have Models like User, Item, Category and need to recommend items for the users depending on various algorithms (strategies) that user selects in view.

I am having a Recommend class which has an interface of recommend(user_id, strategy) and returns array of item_id. The strategy in recommend will be decided at runtime depending on the option user selects in the view. I have placed the recommend interface in /lib directory and the strategies in /lib/strategy directory. The algorithm is very naive and uses SQL statements.

I want to make sure if I placed the files in proper directories or Should I need place the recommend class and all the strategies in models or any where else. I am really confused.


Please ask questions like this on the rubyonrails-talk mailing list. This list is reserfved for discussion about the core of the Rails framework.